Grey Eyes In Silver

‘Grey Eyes In Silver’, a short story about a discarded mirror that brings more than just everyday reflections.

Who, or what, exactly stares back at Penny as she gazes into an old mirror? A hallucination…or portent of death?

Part of the From Elsewhere short story collection – six tales of unearthly visitors.
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A discarded mirror brings more than just everyday reflections.


Pen stroked the child’s sweaty head. “Hey, sweetheart,” she said soothingly. “Did you have a bad dream again? Look – look at what we have…”

Taking her son in to her arms, she held him in front of the mirror.

Immediately the boy stopped crying.

“Who is that?” she asked him in a high-pitched voice. “Who is that in the mirror?”

As the child looked, a little smile spread across his face.

“Hey,” said Roy, smiling and folding his arms. “That’s cheered him up.”

Penny abruptly gasped. Whirling, she clamped her eyes upon the easy chair in the corner.

“Pen?” said Roy. “What’s the matter?”

For a breathless moment she couldn’t speak. She just continued to stare at the chair.

“I saw,” she began, “…I saw a woman sitting there.”

“In the easy chair? What woman?”

“An old woman. She was sitting up straight, hands folded in her lap, and smiling. Smiling at me.”


2 comments on “Grey Eyes In Silver

  1. I loved it! As in ‘Forbidden’ I had not expect such an ending. What a surprise, and then you wish there was a lot more to it. I can’t wait for the next story 🙂

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