Yet Another Bloody Blog Hop!

I am happy to announce my Blood Family Blog Hop! From April 11th 2013 to May 15th 2013, I will be appearing on a plethora of great blogs, hosted by wonderful writers and great friends. Huge thanks to the Vampire Queen, Jodie Pierce, for organizing!

A vampire father, an imprisoned mother, and one perilous journey…

Urban fantasy for Young Adult readers and beyond.

Blood Family by Mark Knight BLOG HOP

April 12th (day after my birthday) to May 15th

BLOOD FAMILY Blog Hop – April 11th-May 15th

11th: Jodie Pierce

12th: Pam Funke

13th: Tori L Ridgewood – Interview

13th: Steve Bargdill

14th: Robert Fuller Jr. – Interview

15th: Liliana Soares

15th: L.M. Hirscher

16th: Shannon Shaw

17th: Saffron Bryant

18th: Cara Crabtree

18th: Jennifer Wedmore

20th: Ann Snizek

20th: Cheree Crump

22nd: Mia Darien -Interview

23rd: Olga Nunez Miret

25th: Mia Darien – Character Interview

26th: Karen Doctor

27th: Delia Remington

30th: Chris Redding

May 1st: Missy M.M. Frye

May 1st: Sabrena Pattat

1st: Carrie Fort

3rd: Dorothy Dryer

7th: Mae Clair

9th: Robert Fuller Jr. Interview

10th: Penelope Anne Barotto

11th: Tessa Stokes

11th: Genevieve Scholl

13th: Karen Smith

14th: Michele B Iring-Pani

14th: David R. Bennett

15th: L.M. David


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