Interview on Tori L. Ridgewood blog!

As my Blog Hop Rolls along, my Young Adult vampire tale, Blood Family ~ Quest for the Vampire Key has been featured not only on the Vampire Queen‘s fang-tastic blog, but also (today) on Romance and Other Dangers, home of Tori L. Ridgewood – author of Wind and Shadow, part one of The Talbot Trilogy.

Please surf on over to Tori’s great site, have a look at her world, and, if you can stomach another interview with Yours Truly, have a read of her interview with me…


Blood Family ~ Quest for the Vampire Key by Mark Knight

Blood Family ~ Quest for the Vampire Key

Blood Family

A vampire father, an imprisoned mother, and one perilous journey…

Lazy, goalless New England teenager Daniel Dark never intended his life to change so dramatically. It starts with the arrival of a mysterious package, and the revelation that his true father was a master vampire named Dominus.

As his own fearsome powers begin to emerge, he sets out to rescue his birth mother, still imprisoned in Dominus’ stronghold.

Strange clues take Daniel to the deep forests of southern Mexico and then to the mist-shrouded moors of England. Hot on his heels is his adoptive father – Pastor Nathan Dark, determined to find and kill he boy he had once called his son.

The new Urban fantasy for Young Adult readers and beyond by Mark Knight.


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