Interview on L M David’s Blog!

As my Blog Hop rolls along (should that be ‘hops along’?), you will find me today on L M David‘s blog!

In my interview, I reveal more tidbits about my new urban fantasy novel, Blood Family ~ Quest for the Vampire Key! Learn about the malevolent master vampire, Dominus. Discover why the vampires in this story are different from the vampires of popular culture. And just what is this ‘key’ that is the focus of Daniel Dark’s quest?

Here is just a sample of the questions LM put to me:

Q. Daniel Dark is a vampire raised by Pastor Nathan and his wife. Did they know there was something different about him when they adopted him?

Q. The character Logan DuPris, a vampire hunter, joins forces with Daniel. Why would a vampire hunter do that?

Q. In Blood Family: Quest for the Vampire Key, are vampires living among humans or is their world hidden?

Q. With the market filled with vampire stories, what would readers find unique about Blood Family: Quest for the Vampire Key?

Want to find out more? Follow the link just below:

L M  David – Blogs, Author Interviews and one cool place for vampyres to hang out

L M David

Avid reader of paranormal, romance, erotica and things that go bump in the night.

‘Author of Touched: The Hunter Legacy and the soon to be released
Psy-V: The MetamorphosisProtocol, I also love to build computers, quilt,
check out men in kilts, adore men with accents and just
getting to know people in general.’

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