A quick hop to Australia…!

Today you will find me, and Blood Family‘s young vampire hero, Daniel, down under! I am very proud to appear on the fantastic blog of Liliana Soare.

You will see that this is a blog devoted to romance novels, and whilst Blood Family is not exactly that it does have a strong romantic element to it, in the form of a passionate bond which develops between teenage half-vampire, Daniel Dark, and vampire hunter, Logan DuPris. How, exactly, does a vampire kid get it on with a young woman whose mission in life is to waste every bloodsucker that walks the earth? Blood Family has the answer to that and many more intriguing questions!

Mark Knight on Liliana Soare’s Blog

Liliana Soare's Blog

Liliana Soare’s Blog

Read Blood Family’s Chapter 13 as part of this feature! What happens when Daniel’s father, Pastor Nathan Dark, finds out that his son is a half-vampire? It’s in Chapter 13, presented on Liliana Soare’s blog in its entirety.


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