In Vein – Vampire Charity Anthology!

In Vein - Charity Vampire Anthology

In Vein – Charity Vampire Anthology

Recently I was given the opportunity to contribute a vampire-themed short story or novella to In Vein – a vampire charity anthology book where 100% of the proceeds will go to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital!

My story is entitled ‘Mom’. A lonely school child brings home his first friend, but struggles to hide the fact that his daylight-hating mother is a vampire.

This anthology was spearheaded by the endlessly energetic Jodie Pierce – author of the Vampire Queen trilogy. Thanks, Jodie! You are a star.

In Vein is available on and

Giveaway! A special set of ebookmarks will be sent to the first reader to comment on this post!

Contributing Authors:

Tara Fox Hall

Mark Knight

Ann Snizek

Mark Mackey

Zoey Sweete

Autumn Starr

Geoffrey Porter

Frank Franklin

Jay Wilburn

Errick Nunnally

Samuel Southwell

Lourna Dounaeva

Mathias Jaanson

TP Keating

T.G. Reaper

Laurie Treacy

Charie D. La Marr

Jodie Pierce


26 comments on “In Vein – Vampire Charity Anthology!

  1. That’s an awesome charity! I love a good vampire story.

    Today you’ve been chosen to be soaked with with blog love for the Soak-a-Bloke event for Realms Faire 2013! SPLAT! Have a great day. 🙂

  2. ::dunks::

    Consider yourself a soaked bloke! (You’re in good company; yesterday, I was the first wench to be drenched!) 🙂

    Seems I’ve missed the giveaway, but I happily bought In Vein for Kindle because:

    1. J’adore les vampires, et
    2. I remember doing Math-a-thons for St. Jude Children’s Hospital when I was in grammar school. I reckon I’ll enjoy the vampy tales more than the multiplication tables, in the name of a great cause.

    Lovely to meet you, Mark!

  3. Soak-a-Bloke–I’m betting you’re thoroughly drenched and in need of drying off *hands over fluffy towel* Love your concept for ‘Mom’, what an intriguing idea:) Best of luck with the success of your anthology:)

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