9 Things Vampires & Space Adventurers Have in Common – by M. Pax

Welcome back to fantasy and Sci Fi author, M. Pax!

M. Pax is known for her hit ‘Backworlds’ series of novels and the adult urban fantasy Hetty Locklear series. I am very pleased to have her back on Written Worlds! She has taken a fun look at the similarities between bloodsuckers and spacefarers – and also has a special announcement for her fans!

Take it away, M. Pax!

'Backworlds' author, M. Pax

‘Backworlds’ author, M. Pax

What fun to swap blogs with Mark Knight today. You’ll find him at mpaxauthor.com. We both have a love for things in the night.

Nine Things Vampires and Space Adventurers Have in Common:

1. Both work in the dark
2. They both fly – Vampires as bats. Spacepeople in spaceships
3. An irresistible allure – Vampires use their eyes. Spaceships use tractor beams.
4. Traveling at high speeds — Vampires faster than the eye, Spaceships faster than light
5. Both types of stories search for understanding of what it means to be human
6. Both space explorers and vampires enjoy seeing other people in red shirts
7. Eating a lot of garlic repels vampires and your shipmates
8. Some people think space travelers and vampires exist, some think it’s bullarky
9. Space travelers can also be very pale from a lack of sun if in space a long time

Can you think of any more?

I’m celebrating the audio release of The Backworlds. Currently available from Audible. You can win an audiobook by commenting at Samantha Geary’s blog on THIS POST before October 18, 2013.

In the far future, humanity settles the stars, bioengineering its descendents to survive in a harsh universe. This is the first book in the science fiction series, The Backworlds. Try it for free. A space opera adventure.

After the war with the Foreworlders, Backworlders scatter across the remaining planets. Competition is fierce, and pickings are scant. Scant enough that Craze’s father decides to improve his fortunes by destroying his son. He tells his only boy their moon isn’t big enough for them both and gives Craze a ticket for the next transport leaving the space dock.

Treated worse than a stranger, like the scuzzbag of the galaxy, Craze is forced to flee his home. Cut off from everyone he knows with little money and no knowledge of the worlds beyond his, he must find away to forge a new life and make sure his father regrets this day.

And stay tuned! Backworlds #4, Beyond the Edge will be available any hour now.

M. Pax — Inspiring the words I write, I spend my summers as a star guide at Pine Mountain Observatory in stunning Central Oregon where I live with the Husband Unit and two demanding cats. I write science fiction and fantasy mostly You can find out more by visiting my website: mpaxauthor.com

Beyond The Edge

Beyond The Edge

Come chat on Twitter or FB. I spend a little time on Pinterest and Wattpad, too.

Backworlds - Audiobook

Backworlds – Audiobook

Taking Time by Ellie Garratt

Fantasy author Ellie Garratt, fresh from her success with her anthology of the macabre, Passing Time, releases Taking Time and Other Science Fiction Stories! Congrats to Ellie from Written Worlds – this one looks to be another creep-tastic smash!

Taking Time by Ellie Garratt

Taking Time by Ellie Garratt

Book Blurb

Science fiction stories of time and space…

The future of humanity must be decided in Next Phase. Winning the Planetary Lottery is not as lucky as it first seems in Schrodinger’s Gamble. An apocalypse and its aftermath threaten to tear one couple apart in Daiker’s Children. In Life As I Know It a reclusive man finds both his heart and home invaded during an alien harvest. In Taking Time a demon seeking shelter on a distant planet finds himself facing a very different kind of demon, after answering a frontier settlement’s plea for help.

Stories range from flash fiction to novelette in length.

Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk / Goodreads / Facebook


Win one of two $25.00 (£15) Amazon gift cards and a character named after you in an upcoming novella…

>>>> Rafflecopter giveaway!

About The Author

Author Ellie Garratt

Author Ellie Garratt

A life-long addiction to reading science fiction and horror meant writing was the logical outlet for Ellie Garratt’s passions. She is a reader, writer, blogger, Trekkie, and would happily die to be an extra in The Walking Dead.

Her short stories have been published in anthologies and online. Passing Time: Nine Short Tales of the Strange and Macabre was published in March 2013 and contains nine previously published stories. Taking Time and Other Science Fiction Stories is her second short story collection.

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Taking Time by Ellie Garratt

Taking Time by Ellie Garratt


Schrodinger’s Gamble

They–the lottery officials–are waiting for me. It turns out the last door on the right isn’t an exit, rather a walkway that leads past the fleet relay station, now buzzing with activity, and on to lottery headquarters–a large room with a metallic desk and four chairs in one corner.
“Hi,” I say as I walk into the room. An elderly man and middle-aged woman I recognise from lottery advertisements are standing behind the desk.
“Charles Schrodinger?” the elderly man asks.
“Excellent,” he says.
I hear an eruption of cheers travelling our way from the flight deck and suspect I’m being ousted from the draw after all. I glance at my ticket and begin examining it for signs of forgery.
“There are a few things we need to go over before the planet is officially yours, Charles. You understand there are matters that need to be addressed?”
I must give the impression of being vacant at that point because the old man repeats himself twice.
“But that would mean I’ve already won,” I mutter.
“Yes. We thought you’d been briefed.” The old man and woman glance at one another.
The female official, who I finally remember is called Janna Brisbane, makes a tutting sound.
“Take a seat, Charles. There are a few things we need to discuss,” Janna says with an exasperated tone to her voice. I stay standing.
Ignoring my failure to sit, she continues. “The thing is safety–your safety. We couldn’t possibly leave you out there to be savaged by the fleet. Have you any idea of the tactics those friendly-faced terraformers would use to part you with your ticket? The deceit they would employ to pass themselves off as you? No. We won’t even start talking about the religious groups. So, the draw is pre-determined in this way.”
“Pre-determined?” I ask.
“You don’t think we leave it to chance, do you? Let a random person or ship win a planet. Considerable research and thought goes into deciding who is the best candidate for the job. Of course there’ve been mistakes; the first planet and the isolationists, but on the whole I believe we got it right.”

Daiker’s Children

I picked up the heavy bundle of survival rations left for me in the exit corridor, took one last look at the door to The Facility through which one kind of future was offered, and then walked out into the yellow-tinged atmosphere of Southern England. The aliens’ offer of a safe living environment and human facsimiles stopped being an option the moment I learnt Jen had not made it to their facility. I had to find her even if it cost my life. She was my world, and a world without her was not one I wanted to live in.
During the days of alien-enforced quarantine–I have no idea how long it lasted because there were no clocks to tell the time or date–I forgot just how acrid Earth’s atmosphere had become. The toxic air outside the facility scratched my lungs like cats clawing sharp talons down my windpipe. My breathing slowed and became more laboured. I could hear myself starting to wheeze. As my eyes burned and watered and my vision deteriorated, I dropped my heavy backpack on the ground and pulled out the gas mask they gave me. A few fumbling seconds later, the clear plastic mask covered my nose and mouth, and cool, clean air refreshed me. Within seconds, my breathing returned to normal though the mask could not remove my memory of devastation’s stink–the sweet scent of burned bodies and a burnt-out civilisation.
I found it hard to believe there was ever a world, a safe world, as I gazed in horror at the toxic wasteland before me. A sea of atomic destruction blinked back. Nothing remained standing or intact except for the ruins of Exeter in the distance. I’d allowed myself to bask in a happy kind of naivety, ignorant of the destructive power our governments and military harboured. Now I faced the consequences. I vowed never to be so naive or stupid again. To find her meant questioning everything.

Taking Time

A tall, lithe woman of a similar age to Ing approached me. Her short-cropped hair was the colour of darkness, and there was a confidence to the way she swaggered up to me. She was the person in charge.
She stopped only a couple of inches from my face, almost breathing down my throat. I prayed she didn’t notice my lack of breath–the undead had no need for air in their lungs.
“You don’t look well, bounty hunter,” she said.
As I stood taller, so that my already imposing six-foot frame loomed over the human female, I knew I’d have to talk her around. “I’ve not been on solid land for a few months. I’ve been running down illegal passage ships and cargo. Illegal cargo.”
Her eyes flashed bright with something. I wasn’t sure what it meant, but the word illegal had excited her.
She held out a hand for me to shake. “The name’s McCaffrey. Formerly of any planet left to colonise.”
I took her hand and shook it, then re-introduced myself. “Victory Dead. Formerly of Earth.”
McCaffrey dismissed everyone but the scare-faced Ing, and they took me into a bar like all the others I’d passed through since travelling the frontier–a cheap and fast assembly metal-frame construction. It contained only the most basic furnishings. There were more patrons than I could count, and they went silent when we entered.
When I reached the bar, a stone-faced human male behind the counter slid a bottle towards me. I wasn’t sure what it contained but accepted it anyway–to refuse would have been rude and invited trouble. “Compliments of Daring,” he said as I placed my supplies on the floor beside me.
“Thanks,” I replied before pretending to sniff the contents of the bottle. As a vampire, I could only smell blood.
The bartender turned his attention to McCaffrey and scar-face. “Evening, Captain. Thought I told you to keep Ing away.”
Ing scowled and stepped forward, his hands balled into fists. McCaffrey placed an arm across his chest.
“You know it’s not Captain anymore. I haven’t been a captain since I crash-landed here three years ago. And Ing won’t be causing you any trouble while I’m here. You have my word.”
The owner grunted something and then moved off to serve another customer.
I wasn’t sure how long a Revelation year lasted, so when McCaffrey spoke of crash-landing three years ago she could have been talking any number of Earth years or months.
“Well it’s about time,” said a voice behind me, interrupting my thoughts.

Ten Questions with…

Today it’s Ten Questions with… Mark Knight on Mia Darien’s Blog!

Find out my answers to questions like this:

  • What five words describe you?
  • What was the first story you ever wrote?
  • What would your characters say about you? Be honest!


A little about Mia…

Mia Darien has lived in New England all of her life and knows that no matter where she goes from here, New England is always going to live in her. Presently, she still lives in the land of snow and fast talkers, with her husband, her son and her pets. She writes a bit of everything genre fiction (horror, romance, mystery, fantasy and science fiction) and thinks it sounds like an odd joke: a unicorn, a space monster, and a pair of zombie lovers walk into a murder investigation…

Twitter: @MiaDarien

Goodreads Author Profile

Confessions of the Paranormal

Confessions of the Paranormal

Confessions of the Paranormal

Thanks to Cheree Crump for featuring me and Blood Family ~ Quest for the Vampire Key on her paranormal blog, Confessions of the Paranormal!

From Cheree:

I started Confessions of the Paranormal Blog to do something that I love…Help promote authors, specifically Indie Authors, but I support them all! I love to read and I read all different genres of books. The people I have met over the last few months since I started my Facebook Book Adventure are all AMAZING and most have helped me in one way or another whether they know it or not! I am so thankful for being brought into this world of books I didn’t even know existed!

Check out the feature HERE

Guest Blog: Listen to the Heartbeat of Liliana Soare!

Listen to the Heartbeat by Liliana Soare

Listen to the Heartbeat by Liliana Soare

Today I am very happy to host author Liliana Soare on Written Worlds!

Liliana is the author of romance novel, Listen To The Heartbeat. When not writing books, she posts to her blog, A New Beginning.

About Liliana Soare:
Liliana Soare is the author of Listen to the Heartbeat, a romance novel that brims with sensuality, snappy dialogue and non-stop action. A page turner with an unexpected ending that will leave the readers wanting for more. Listen to the Heartbeat  has been reviewed six times so far, all six reviews being FIVE STARS.
The author is planning to self-publish a second novel in June-July, while a third is to be released by Musa Publishing later this year.

Andrew Langston focuses his life on taking care of his mega-business, hence his irritation when he must become the legal guardian of orphan Lucy Whitfield for five months until she turns eighteen. But his discontent melts away when he meets his beautiful pupil.

Not even the fact that Lucy is madly in love with business tycoon, Peter Randall, will stop Andrew from attempting to reach his goal. He takes advantage of the guardianship agreement provisions to keep the two lovers apart.

His efforts eventually start turning the wheels until one day Lucy realizes that she’s in love with two men. They both desperately want Lucy and are not willing to back away. Their goals will turn her life upside down when they clash. But while one’s personal interests will endanger her life, the other’s will keep her alive.

One of them will ultimately achieve what he wants. But which one?

Listen to the Heartbeat excerpt:


The stale air steamed in the room, which was saturated with a week’s worth of humidifier mist.

Lucy fought back the urge to wipe the sheen of perspiration that coated her forehead. A quick dab with her silky handkerchief would do. But that would definitely qualify as a slap on father’s face and would most assuredly stick her with an hour-long sermon on her miserable failure to have turned into a refined beau monde mademoiselle. “Educated young ladies never display disrespect for the basic needs of the ill and frail,” he would say, struggling to breathe as the humidifier only provided small relief. Her father had made a considerable investment in her expensive education, and expected—no, demanded—a high standard of behavior as part of the dividend.

Lucy stole a quick glance at him. Edward Whitfield looked a lot frailer today than any other day in the past few weeks. His thin body, once athletic and stalwart, now was that of a wrinkled child. It would not be long before the cancer would consume the last part of him, but Lucy had no doubt that the very last part claimed would be his caustic tongue. His eyes were glazed by fever, and he’d just finished spilling his guts into an enamel bowl. But even at this very moment, Edward still had enough breath left in him to huff at his team of doctors over poor medication choices. At his current tempo, there seemed to be only two options left, she mused. Either spend his fortune on the creation of a new anti-spew potion, or find a new medical team overseas after having sacked all available U.S. oncologists.

Strength is derived by ignoring the weaknesses of the human physique and relying on the infinite power of the human mind,” Descartes had once said. Maybe that’s how her father’s spirit was still strong as a bull, even though he had one foot in the grave and the other one firmly on the edge. Her father quoted those damn Descartes teachings day in and day out. Additionally, he had her read them aloud to him, what seemed like one hundred and one times a day. The motto of existentialism, he called it: “Je pense donc je suis. Cogito, ergo sum. I think, therefore I am.” No wonder she woke up in the middle of the night, chanting like a lunatic.

Je pense donc je suis.” “Cogito, ergo sum.” “I think, therefore I am.”…

Je pense donc je suis.” “Cogito, ergo sum.” “I think, therefore I am.

Je pense donc je suis.” “Cogito, ergo sum.” “I think, therefore I am.

That must be how cults hypnotized people and turned them into lifelong puppets.


Where to find Listen to the Heartbeat:

AmazonBarnes & Noble, Shelfari, Musa Publishing

Discover out more about the author:

Website, Blog, Facebook

Twitter, Goodreads

A quick hop to Australia…!

Today you will find me, and Blood Family‘s young vampire hero, Daniel, down under! I am very proud to appear on the fantastic blog of Liliana Soare.

You will see that this is a blog devoted to romance novels, and whilst Blood Family is not exactly that it does have a strong romantic element to it, in the form of a passionate bond which develops between teenage half-vampire, Daniel Dark, and vampire hunter, Logan DuPris. How, exactly, does a vampire kid get it on with a young woman whose mission in life is to waste every bloodsucker that walks the earth? Blood Family has the answer to that and many more intriguing questions!

Mark Knight on Liliana Soare’s Blog

Liliana Soare's Blog

Liliana Soare’s Blog

Read Blood Family’s Chapter 13 as part of this feature! What happens when Daniel’s father, Pastor Nathan Dark, finds out that his son is a half-vampire? It’s in Chapter 13, presented on Liliana Soare’s blog in its entirety.

Interview on L M David’s Blog!

As my Blog Hop rolls along (should that be ‘hops along’?), you will find me today on L M David‘s blog!

In my interview, I reveal more tidbits about my new urban fantasy novel, Blood Family ~ Quest for the Vampire Key! Learn about the malevolent master vampire, Dominus. Discover why the vampires in this story are different from the vampires of popular culture. And just what is this ‘key’ that is the focus of Daniel Dark’s quest?

Here is just a sample of the questions LM put to me:

Q. Daniel Dark is a vampire raised by Pastor Nathan and his wife. Did they know there was something different about him when they adopted him?

Q. The character Logan DuPris, a vampire hunter, joins forces with Daniel. Why would a vampire hunter do that?

Q. In Blood Family: Quest for the Vampire Key, are vampires living among humans or is their world hidden?

Q. With the market filled with vampire stories, what would readers find unique about Blood Family: Quest for the Vampire Key?

Want to find out more? Follow the link just below:

L M  David – Blogs, Author Interviews and one cool place for vampyres to hang out

L M David

Avid reader of paranormal, romance, erotica and things that go bump in the night.

‘Author of Touched: The Hunter Legacy and the soon to be released
Psy-V: The MetamorphosisProtocol, I also love to build computers, quilt,
check out men in kilts, adore men with accents and just
getting to know people in general.’

Interview on Pam Funke’s Book Reviews!

I am very pleased to be featured on Pam Funke’s Book Reviews!

Find out what books I love, what junk food I chow down upon while writing, and the strangest thing ever said to me by a reader. Thanks for interviewing me, Pam!

About Pam

Pam Funke's Book Reviews

As an author, I not only love to write but I love to read. Therefore, I am dedicating my blog to book reviews, book spotlights and author interviews that I am doing.

‘I am the proud grand-daughter of a pastor and have spent the majority of my life in the church. I love serving God and living a Christian life. I am a Christian author who enjoys writing many different things. My love of reading and writing led me to write for the enjoyment of others. Besides reading and writing, I enjoy photography, cooking, painting, drawing, scrap-booking and anything creative actually.’

Pam is on Google Plus!

Check out Pam’s Books HERE

Interview on Tori L. Ridgewood blog!

As my Blog Hop Rolls along, my Young Adult vampire tale, Blood Family ~ Quest for the Vampire Key has been featured not only on the Vampire Queen‘s fang-tastic blog, but also (today) on Romance and Other Dangers, home of Tori L. Ridgewood – author of Wind and Shadow, part one of The Talbot Trilogy.

Please surf on over to Tori’s great site, have a look at her world, and, if you can stomach another interview with Yours Truly, have a read of her interview with me…


Blood Family ~ Quest for the Vampire Key by Mark Knight

Blood Family ~ Quest for the Vampire Key

Blood Family

A vampire father, an imprisoned mother, and one perilous journey…

Lazy, goalless New England teenager Daniel Dark never intended his life to change so dramatically. It starts with the arrival of a mysterious package, and the revelation that his true father was a master vampire named Dominus.

As his own fearsome powers begin to emerge, he sets out to rescue his birth mother, still imprisoned in Dominus’ stronghold.

Strange clues take Daniel to the deep forests of southern Mexico and then to the mist-shrouded moors of England. Hot on his heels is his adoptive father – Pastor Nathan Dark, determined to find and kill he boy he had once called his son.

The new Urban fantasy for Young Adult readers and beyond by Mark Knight.

Braving the Waters – Self-Publishing for Newbies by a Newbie

Braving the Waters – Self-Publishing for Newbies by a Newbie

I am honored to have my article, Braving the Waters – Self-Publishing for Newbies by a Newbie,  featured today on author M Pax’s blog! What is it like for a timid little guppy to take the plunge into the vast ocean of the e-publishing world? Does this sound like you, newbie writer? Not so long ago, I was that guppy!

M. Pax is the science fiction and fantasy author best known for her Backworlds series of space adventure novels.