The Strange Power of Cursed Paintings

In The Picture of Dorian Gray, author Oscar Wilde wove a tale centering around a painted portrait that was cursed and which cursed its owner.

What are the energies transferred from painter to brush to canvas? Can an image be so powerful that it affects the world around it?

Have a look at these apparently cursed paintings and judge for yourself!

The Strange Power of Cursed Paintings

Saturn Devouring His Son by Francico Goya

Saturn Devouring His Son by Francico Goya

Fantasy artist, David M. Rabbitte

Just a short post to share the fantastic artwork of illustrator, David M Rabbitte – artist responsible for the great cover art to my upcoming vampire tale, Blood Family.

David is well-known to the massive Star Wars community. His art and sketch cards are very popular (and sell for crazy money on Ebay) and his illustrations have appeared in the Lucasfilm offician magazine. He has also done art for the Lord of the Rings trading card set and book covers for a series of X-Men novels for Marvel.

His next project is the artwork for my next novel, Solomon Grimm and the Well of Souls. I am very proud to have David on my team!

Check out David’s work!

David Rabbitte Official Website

David's Empire 30th Anniversary Art