Bigfoot – Big Deal or Big Hoax?

Yet another Bigfoot video purporting to have captured the elusive man-beast has surfaced again (see below). But is it the real thing? A critical mind will tell you that this is a man in a shaggy black suit stomping through the snow. Videos of Sasquatch have never suitably convinced me (more’s the pity) unless, of course, were talking about the infamous Patterson Bigfoot footage, which somehow looks too sinuous and muscled to be a suit. Native Americans have plenty of tales of Algonquin-speaking giant men who have roamed the deep forests since the beginning of time. So, could there be true to this legend?

To look at this mystery scientifically naturally brings one to thoughts about our own origins. Bigfoot could be a remnant of our own ancestry. Many Bigfoot researchers have postulated that the creature is an offshoot of Gigantopithecus – an extinct hominid species that stood almost 9 feet tall.

Bigfoot Research; Bigfoot Video

Let’s say this creature exists. The next step is to capture and study one. But do we have the right to capture an entity that could be related to humans? There are plenty of self-styled Bigfoot hunters roaming the Pacific North West of America toting elephant guns and hoping to bag the catch of the century. Is it ethical? Is it right?

But, most importantly, is it real?