Movie Cliché #2

You know the scene. Our Good Guy has just had a titanic fist fight with the Bad Guy’s main henchman, splattering blood all over the floor of the disused factory. Good Guy hyperventillates, sweating profusely, as said henchman lies crumpled at his feet. And then we hear it, from the catwalk above…


Our hated Bad Guy has appeared out of nowhere, gloating down upon our hero, applauding in mocking, vitriolic slow motion.

“Verrrry impressive. But you haven’t beaten me yet!”


bad guy clap

Movie Cliché Collection #1

We all love movies; I know I do. But the clichés are building up, folks! So, I decided to make a list of them. (Anyone who wants to submit some more, please do!).

The main character’s best friend/partner/girlfriend has just died – horribly. Outside. In the rain. Our hero sheds a tear as the friend passes into oblivion.

Cut to HIGH CAMERA SHOT…looking down on the scene.

Our hero throws his head back and bellows up into the night – ‘NOOO-OOO-OO!!’

HOW many times have we seen that? Sheesh!

wolverine nooo

birds NOOOO