Grey Eyes In Silver

‘Grey Eyes In Silver’, a short story about a discarded mirror that brings more than just everyday reflections.

Who, or what, exactly stares back at Penny as she gazes into an old mirror? A hallucination…or portent of death?

Part of the From Elsewhere short story collection – six tales of unearthly visitors.
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A discarded mirror brings more than just everyday reflections.


Pen stroked the child’s sweaty head. “Hey, sweetheart,” she said soothingly. “Did you have a bad dream again? Look – look at what we have…”

Taking her son in to her arms, she held him in front of the mirror.

Immediately the boy stopped crying.

“Who is that?” she asked him in a high-pitched voice. “Who is that in the mirror?”

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‘Them’ ~ New short story

The Christmas spirit is with me! A second short story from the upcoming From Elsewhere collection is now available FREE on Smashwords and Goodreads.

‘Them’ – Captured. Studied. Humiliated. A tale of an alien abduction from the victim’s point of view. What exactly do these creatures want?

Captured. Studied. Humiliated. A tale of an alien abduction from the victim's point of view. What exactly do these creatures want?

Captured. Studied. Humiliated. A tale of an alien abduction from the victim’s point of view. What exactly do these creatures want?


I don’t like the feel of Their skin. But there’s nothing I can do, now; They’ve taken me.

For as long as I can remember, beings that could only be referred to as ‘alien’ have been in my life. It was nothing I’d asked for.

And it’s not just Their skin that gives me the creeps; it’s Their eyes. Everyone talks about those eyes, the way they stare right through you. They’re cold and … oh, what the hell, I have to use that word again, alien.

The only way I have kept sane is by telling myself, over and over, that They are scientists just like I am. Well, Their science is different than ours, incredibly so, and it seems as though it’s sole purpose is for the study of us. Sometimes I feel as though its sole purpose is for the study of me.

When I was younger, I was totally unaware of Them. I had heard things, of course, but never in my lifetime did I think that one I day might actually interact with Them! God, just the image of Them, the eyes, the difference in height … I’ve got to get a grip.

‘Forbidden’ ~ free short story

My Christmas present to all of you – I am delighted to bring the first short story of the From Elsewhere collection as a free download in all major e-formats, via Smashwords!

Massive thank you to L K Campbell for her excellent formatting service and to Tatiana Villa for her amazing artwork for this series.

‘Forbidden’ – a short tale taken from the From Elsewhere collection – six short stories of unearthly visitors.

What are the consequences when an angel falls in love with a demon?

Forbidden - free short story


The Council Chamber shone as though sculpted from light.

But for the nine male and female Council members it was a place of serenity, order. Lesser beings would shrink in here, shielding their eyes and cowering amidst the magnificence of it all. This was, after all, the Council.

“Call forth the accused.”

As the head of the Council, Saliha was always the first to speak. Tribunals always began with her. Out of the nine Council members seated at the semi-circular conference desk, she was the youngest, though exuded a special gravitas all her own. Each of the blue-clad members was equal in every way, however. Each decision weighed neatly and fairly against those of the others. Saliha was the leader, but the Council of Nine acted as one.

A young woman approached the dais. She was just as striking as Saliha, though in a markedly different way. Slim, sylphlike, with hair so fair as to be almost white. There was a glow about her – brighter than the room itself but not quite as bright as the members of the Council who now bore their eyes deeply into her soul.

The young woman stood upon the dais, chin held high. Despite the vulnerability in her crystalline blue eyes, they fervently declared to the Universe: ‘I have done nothing wrong’.

“Your designation please,” said Saliha.

“Phaedra,” replied the accused.

“And your function.”


A male Council member to the right of Saliha – clearly the oldest of the nine – leaned forward slightly.

“More specific than that, Phaedra…” he said.

“Messenger,” said Phaedra. Then, after a small pause, “In training.”

Saliha kept her gaze riveted to Phaedra’s eyes. “Do you know why you’re here, Phaedra?” she asked.

The young angel messenger did not bat an eyelid. “Yes,” was her cool response. “Because I was caught.”

‘From Elsewhere’ ~ Six short stories about strange visitors…

Ghosts? Angels? Aliens? This collection of short tales concerns entities which could be any of these. Unearthly visitors have always fascinated me. Could they really exist? Or are they only part of our imagination? People have reported visitations for centuries. Real or not, they inspire me more than any other subject. So, over the years, I have penned many tales about these fascinating characters, and am currently preparing this as an anthology with the title From Elsewhere. Coming as an eBook release just after Christmas.

And a big ol’ shout-out to the marvellous Tatiana Vila for yet another breathtaking piece of cover art. You are amazing, Tatiana!

About the stories…

“Them” is a story of alien abduction, published in the book Bardic Tales and Sage Advice in 2005.

“The Long View” concerns one woman’s reflections on the life she has left behind, and was published by Wet Ink Press in 2006, and also in The Hub magazine in 2007.

“The Hearing” (aka The Trial) explores what happens when a guardian angel is put on trial. This story was published in’s book of short stories, Invisible Ink 1.

“Forbidden” is a story about the most illicit of love affairs – the secret passion between an angel and a demon. My screenplay version of this won third prize in the Gimme Credit Short Screenplay Competition in 2008.

“The Foundling”. Who or what exactly has appeared on the doorstep an old woman’s cottage in Ireland? Abandoned child, or something else? I was very happy to have this story accepted and printed by Mirador for The Mirador Fantasmagoria anthology in 2011.

From Elsewhere will also feature “Grey Eyes In Silver”, where a discarded mirror brings more than just everyday reflections.

I hope you will enjoy these and if so, will let me know what you think…and maybe spread the word as well. 🙂

(BTW – my success with short stories about angelic entities inspired me to write my Young Adult novel, The Powers – also available in the New Year. Look out for it!)